I love this one. Easy to use, for me and the whole of my staffs. Friendly user. I’ve tried another product to compare, but finally at the end i return to use it, because it has a special features that another product don’t have it.

Love live Ccauto, I’m supporting you forever and ever.

~Roshidi Che Din~

CcAutosoft Cyber Cafe Software is the best and most user friendly most of my staff took a day or two to learn it then it was smoOth sailing from there onn “MY COMPUTER” Sales service and internet Cafe has been using this software for a yr now and i give it 10 out of 10 KEEP IT UP GREAT SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!! and i must mention the security features are very very good. all i can say is .. i made agreat choice to purchace this software.

~ Alessandro Purchasng and Service Dept MY COMPUTER ~

Hello!!! This is the best Cyber SW ever made, it’s easy to use and complete, I can control all computers in the network, it’s just missing one thing…the automatic printing control….. I’m using it on a high school in México City called “Centro Universitario de Cuautitlán Izcalli”, IT WORKS FINE OVER 40 COMPUTERS!!! Thanks Azal Azani

~ José Luis Pérez Reyes ~

I’ve Tried every internet cafe server for a year to find one smartest server, and guess what I end up to CCAUTOSOFT. Specially when your customers are Computer Science wizards, Student from Computer Universities Programers and you’ve got lots of headache. This is the one.

~ Arlene Buenaluz ~

This is the best budget CC Management software i’ve seen so far,loaded with powerful features and stability.

~ Zulkafli Abdullah ~

We looked any most CyberCafe software management packages and dollar for dollar, CCAutosoft provides the greatest control and the most generous licensing of them all. Technical support, so far, has been 100%. We looked at around 10 different Internet Cafe controlling packages before we settled on ccAutosoft. With regard to price per terminal, terminal control functions, low network overhead, ease of integration and ease of use, nothing even got close to ccAutosoft. Ewen Bishop BGame Internet Cafe Seven Hills 2148 NSW Australia www.bgame.com.au

~ Ewen Bishop ~

The way we run our LAN center has totaly changed. It practically runs itself now. Our members log themselves in and out of the terminal they want to use. CCAutoSoft keeps track of everything. It’s so easy. At the end of the day CCAutosoft generates a report detailing every transaction. For a spread sheet to help with this or any information please feel free to contact me any time.

~ Joe Neuman ~

I have been using CCAutosoft for almost 3 years now and I found it to be a very powerful software in terms of maintaining of Cyber Cafe’s and Gaming Stations. Almost all the necessary requirements in managing several terminals are present in CCAutosoft. It is so simple that even beginners can effectively use it. No worries that you will be cheated by your cashiers. Once a terminal starts every single cent will be accounted for and you can even give back any unused amount to post paid customers that want to end their session anytime.

~ Dante Ariota ~

This Is a very good software for cyber cafe and this software must be use for all cyber stuff Satu Program yang menarik dan pihak syarikat kami amat memuji ccautosoft dan kami amat berharap supaya syarikat kami di kunjungi pihak tuan satu hari nanti.

~ Muhammad Nazeer Khan Ashfar Ahmad ~

Wahhh… Really syok ma using this software… Easy to control and the prepaid system works cool!! I didnt buy this software for my own but i promoted it to other people who is searching for the best cyber cafe software.. And that is it CCAutosoft will gonna rock..

~ Nazli ~

With unlimited client it’s the cheapest Cyber Cafe Software in the market, easy to use & value for your money. I fully recommends it !!

~ Saiful Rizal Abdul Jalil ~