Install CCAutoClient 3.1

CCAutoClient 3.1 Freeware can be installed in Windows XP and Windows 7. It can be run in Administrator account’s type or Standars User’s account (Limited account in Windows XP).

For computers which are used in Internet  Cafe, we suggest to use Standard Account (Limted in Windows XP) type for the customer, and of course Windows must be auto-login enabled.

But before that, to install CCAutoClient, please change the user’s account type to Administrator. Then change back to Standard account after installation finish.

CCAutoClient 3.1 Installation


1. Download CCAutoClient from the download page. Double-click the file CCAutoClient-Setup.exe to start install the software.


2. Click Next.


3. Accept the aggreement and press Next button.


4. Confirm the installation folder and press Next button.


5. CCAutoClient’s Start Menu. Click Next.


6. Click Install to begin install.


7. Press Finish button.


8. Restart the computer and login to the user’s account where CCAutoClient was installed. CCAutoClient will automatically restart.


9. If no CCAutoServer detected in the network, the computer will no be locked. A small CCAutoClient windows is available in the bottom-right corner of the desktop.


9. If CCAutoServer is detected in the network, the computer will be locked.

  • The screen can be unlocked by insert admin password (default password=admin) or by unlock from CCAutoServer.
  • The background of the lock screen is customizable by changing the default lock image file to the image of your choice.
  • In this lock mode, keyboard only can be used to insert admin password or to insert prepaid code.
  • Winkeys is disabled when the screen is locked but enabled again when unlocked.




10. Configure CCAutoClient 3.1 for 1st time use. Open ClientSetting from the Start Menu.


11. Change the Server’s IP Address (The IP Address which have CCAutoServer installed).

12. You might want to uncheck those settings, especialy Disable Control Panel and check it later when the computer is ready for the customer.

13. Then press Save Setting & Close to finish.

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