Setting Up An Internet Cafe – Part 2 – Tables and Arrangement

Continued from Setting Up An Internet Cafe – Part 1

When setting up an internet cafe layout, the most important thing might be the arrangement of the computers. That is including the arrangement of the tables where you want to put the computers on. The purpose of good arrangement is that the internet cafe will look neat and comfortable in the eyes of your customers. And you will be able to monitor the customers easily.

In the image below, there are already 10 sets of computers on 5 tables in the 20×20 ft. shop. Seems like it is a good arrangement, but it is not final. Of course, we can put more computers later.

On the images, the tables used are not in standard dimension. I have to use a different measurement of tables  to save some space so the customers will feel more comfortable. The width and height is the same as other computer table, but I use different depth.

Standard Table

Computer table dimension used

Standard computer table have 2.5 ft depth, but in this internet cafe shop I used computer table with 1.8 ft depth. If the standard depth is used, the arrangement in the most top image is not possible. But with the new measurement, it is easy and there is more space to utilize, such as to use bigger and comfortable chair seats.