What to Consider Before Opening an Internet Cafe?

main factors for cyber cafe Internet cafe business is a very interesting business. Computer technology is evolving rapidly from day to day. Suppose you opened a cyber cafe business a year ago, computers that you bought at that time could be considered outdated. At present, broadband high-speed internet access is readily available everywhere and the rates are quite cheap. You only need to bring your own laptop or netbook if you want to access the Internet.

What I see, internet cafes are no longer as they were introduced about ten years ago. However the internet cafe is still the choice for entrepreneurs as a business option. Most of them are from people interested in computer field. They get involved in internet cafes because of their interest in computers. Indeed you must have interest to last long in this business is full of many challenges in terms of competition, maintenance problems and customers variety.

Nowadays, Internet café customers are usually made up of youth aged 12 to 25 years. Why are they go to the Internet café? Is it because they have no computer at home? Off course they have their own computer at home, but actually they have much more fun to use computers at cyber cafes. Among the main reasons is that they can socialize with friends, exchange ideas in reality world about virtual world and to play some multiplayer game through the network.

Undeniably, if you intend to be involved in an internet cafe business, you have to think about how to attract young adults to the internet café. However, they are quite picky with the computer specifications. Indeed so, because they require a good computer specifications to meet the requirements of the latest games. If the computer is outdated how could they play the latest games?

Budget to buy the latest computer hardware should be included in your business plan. Do not be stingy and buy second hand or used computers. It only leads to failure of your business. How long do you expect the computer will be able to survive? Never mind if it did not last long but it also does not meet the needs of your customers.

Game and software that should be installed in the computer must meet customers’ requirements. You need to make a survey to find out what popular software and games in your area. Every area has different requirements. Expenditure on software is a little higher than the price of hardware. This is indeed a burden for the internet café entrepreneur, but it is not a barrier.

About the games choices, you need old and latest games in your Internet café. As an example, Counter Strike which is a ten years old game is still popular till today. Other games to consider are online games which have become more popular these years for example Last Chaos, Silkroad Online and many more. There are hundreds of online games you could choose at this time for your customers. It is really difficult to make a choice. That’s why you have to do a survey in your area.

​​Internet access speed also must be considered carefully. Choose the fastest speed available in your area. It also is one of the factors to attract customers come your cyber cafe. There are many sorts of Internet usage by clients while in a cyber café. Some of them like to play online game, while others are chatting on Facebook, download mp3 or watch videos on YouTube. All of these activities require a fast and stable internet connection. So choose wisely.

As a conclusion, Internet café business is indeed very interesting but it is also very challenging. Business planning should be made carefully. Customers, budget, applications, games and internet service quality are among the main things to consider before opening an internet café so that your business will be able to compete in the coming years.