Recommended Reboot & Restore Software For Cyber Cafe


The reboot and restore application is very important for internet cafe. It could reduce more than 90% of maintenance job. I have already explained it in details in the previous article the need for reboot and restore software. Nowadays, there are many reboot and restore software available that you can use in your internet cafe.

There are two types of methods of how the software works. One is to protect the whole hard disk. And two, protect only certain partitions.

In the internet cafe situation, I really like to recommend you to use the second type of reboot and restore software. How the software works is really important to your customers. Why?

Because as a customer, it really good if you could feel like you are using your own computer. Nowadays, everybody got at least one computer at home, and everybody is so used to how it feels. If you change the way on how the computer works, like how it display or how it is limited by certain program, they will feel annoyed.

It is related to the reboot and restore software. The first type of restore software, do not let the customer to save anything in the computer’s hard disk. Some of the restore software only let the customer to save while in the session. After the computer is restarted, all the files will be deleted.

Imagine, if you are a customer and using a computer to play games, how you could save your achievement or high stage or level with that type of protection? For example, you play Devil May Cry, after achieved the 4th stage you want to go home, so you save the game.  You would come again tomorrow and continue the game.

Unfortunately, when you come back tomorrow, the save file has gone. It is because of the reboot and restore program. What would you feel? Are you angry? Do you want to replay it again?? If there is another cyber cafe that let the customer save the game, what will you choose? Go to the other cyber cafe and play game there or stay at that cyber cafe? What will you choose?

It is just common sense. Off course you will choose to go to the other cyber cafe.

The other type of reboot and restore software, let the customer to save anything in the hard disk in certain partition. So, whether it’s are the games, documents or photos, customers could save it in a certain partition. With this type of restore software you could attract lines of regular customers.

Off course there will be some negative side of it. When every file can be saved, there could be some files which infected with virus or there could be unwanted files in the hard disk. And even worse, too many files were save that make the hard disk’s partition almost full.

What could you do? To avoid virus files, you could install a good anti-virus in every computer. You must install a good anti-virus no matter how your restore software works. It is for your own god, your internet cafe reputation and for your customer.

About the second problem, the maintenance must be scheduled. The hard disk’s partition which is being used to save files need to be maintain once a month or every six months.

To run an internet cafe, you cannot make it zero maintenance if you want to compete with other internet cafes. Nowadays, Internet cafe business is very challenging. Every shop will try hardest and the best way to maintain its customers.

* There are some tips about an easy way to maintain that kind of partition which I would like to share in the next article.

* I  have tried several restore software, and there is only one that I would really recommend to internet cafe owner. It is Deep Freeze. No, I am not affiliate with Faronic in any way. I just found that Deep Freeze is very good and it let you choose which partition to freeze and which not.