CCAutoServer’s Complete Configuration

Setting Up CCAutoSoft in Details

You have finished the basic installation and configuration. To continue using CCAutoSoft, you need to customize it configuration to suits you internet cafe. The configuration is really easy and takes couples of minutes only.



Main Window

Server Setting

1. On the side menu, select ‘Setting’ bar and click ‘Server’.

2. Change the ‘Date Format’ if you have not changed it yet.

3. Insert your company data in company profile for bill printing purpose.

4. Booking list auto start is delay time in seconds when the booking will auto activate to start session. This is because the previous customer would take extra time to leave the terminal and giving the terminal time to quit all running applications or reboot the computer.

5. If a customer wants to use a terminal without pay first but mentioning certain minutes, a reminder should be given to the staff/admin when the time’s end. In this case ‘Bill’ window will appear for how many seconds you set in ‘Auto End Session [No Prepaid]‘.

6. Terminal list is a view of terminals’ icons with its’ correspondent terminals’ name you have inserted in ‘Terminal’. Choose ‘Display available terminal only’ will display connected terminal exclude busy terminal. ‘Display all terminal’ will display connected and not connected terminal exclude busy terminal. It is changeable during run time by clicking ‘Terminal’ title bar or  ‘Side Menu’ > ‘Server Controller’ or right-click on the ‘Terminal’ list.

7. Insert currency symbol whether $ or MYR or RP anything.

8. Click ‘Apply’ and ‘Close’.



1. On the ‘Side Menu’ select ‘Setting’ bar and click ‘Terminal’.

Terminals' Setting Window

2. Insert a terminal’s name and it’s IP Address and click ‘Add’. Do it one by one. If you want to remove any existing data, click on the row and click ‘Remove’.

3. Click ‘Close’


Usage Rates

This window is for setting the usage charges for different type of customers e.g. Member or Non-Member.

1. On the ‘Side Menu’ select ‘Setting’ bar and click ‘Usage Rate’.

2. Insert a name of charge category e.g. Member. Choose a charging option. An example of every charge options is available on the right side of the window.

3. Click ‘Close’ when finish.


Sell Items

Setting price of sell item or services other than terminal usage like scanning and printing services, a cup of coffee, snacks or anything.

1. On the ‘Side Menu’ select ‘Setting’ bar and click ‘Sell Item’.

2. Insert the Item name and it’s unit price, then click ‘Add’.

3. To edit or remove, click a row which you want to edit/remove and click Edit or Remove.

4. Click ‘Close’ when finish.



This is if you want to hire staffs for your cyber cafe. You can create multiple of accounts for different staffs.

1. On the ‘Side Menu’ select ‘Setting’ bar and click ‘User’.

2. Insert name and create login name and password for the staff and click ‘Add’.

3. Select a row if you want to edit/remove.

4. You can view your staff activities history by select date and click ‘View’.

5. Click ‘Close’ when finish.



Admin’s password is like a master key to all windows. Keep the password to yourself only.

On the ‘Side Menu’ select ‘Setting’ bar and click ‘Admin’. Insert the default password: admin. Then you can change to a new password.

Continue to configure CCAutoClient.