CCAutoClient’s Complete Configuration

Client Window
Setting Up CCAutoSoft in Details

You have finished the basic installation and configuration. To continue using CCAutoSoft, you need to customize it configuration to suits you internet cafe. The configuration is really easy and takes couples of minutes only.




Setting up CCAutoClient is very easy and simple. (for quick setup, just read step 1,2 and click ‘close’.)

  1. Click ‘Setting’ on the main window.
  2. Server IP address, is the IP Address of the computer where your CCAutoServer is running
  3. Local Port ’2014′ is not changeable, please make sure that there is no other software using this port.
  4. Lock Image: This image will be displayed during terminal locked state. Change this setting to your company image file, or the default image is not so bad anyway.
  5. Preference part: Auto Lock enable : if checked, the terminal will lock itself when session end. Enabled Close All Application when Lock will cause all running application terminated. When a terminal boot up, CCAutoClient will search for CCAutoServer to connect, when it failed, it will not do anything, you can change this to lock or not lock.
  6. If auto lock disabled, what are want to do to let your customer know his/her time is over? The choice are ‘give notice’: this will send a message to customer with time over message. second choice, ‘do nothing’: CCAutoSoft do nothing, so you yourself walk to the customer and give her/him the time over signal :) .
  7. Change the currency symbol to $ or MYR or USD or anything.
  8. Change password to access terminal setting and unlocked screen. You can unlock terminal’s screen by right-clicking the mouse and insert a password. The default password is ‘admin’.
  9. Click ‘Close’, a window asking whether you want the terminal to resume it’s status or not. Choose ‘yes’ will let CCAutoClient to check it status from CCAutoServer. ‘Quit CCAutoClient’ will quit CCAutoClient.